Regional Settings

Localization settings for TempSen Express, TempSen Express will restart after these settings are changed.

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  • Chinese Simplified
Time Zone Use system time zone by default
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Organization Name

Name of the user's company / organization

Organization Logo

Click to upload your company logo

  • Logo will be shown on files exported from TempSen Express

Data Files


Default settings for exporting data files from TempSen Express

Item Description
Default Export Path

The default path for export data files from TempSen Express, of course you could always change the path every time exporting data files.

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Auto Download

Auto download data

Download data from TempSen data loggers automatically when loggers are connected to computer while TempSen Express is running.

Device PDF Report

Auto save device PDF report

Once enabled, PDF report in data logger will be saved to predefined location when downloading data from data loggers to TempSen Express.


Default Save Path

  • Path for saving device PDF reports from automatically.

Auto Create Subfolder

  • Create a sub-folder in default save path for saving PDF reports from device.

Subfolder Naming Rule

  • Name sub-folders with saving dates, device PDF reports download in the same date will be saved in the same folder.

Auto delete saved PDF report on deleting data

Once enabled, the saved device PDF reports will be deleted automatically when deleting data from TempSen Express

Device Configuration

Prevent configuring not downloaded device

This setting is to ensure use to download the data at first every time before configuring a data logger, once enabled, TempSen Express will search if the data file already exists in TempSen Express database, if not, user will be promoted to download data from logger in advance.


Global Mail Settings

See Mail Settings



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