Error Codes

Logger LCD may show error codes on LCD or PDF report when error occurs after programming device or other actions made to device


Code On LCD On Report Description Solution


E004 / Err004 E0004

Device reset resulted from power system restart

  • Removing battery after configuration or power system failure
  • Battery failed
Reconfigure the logger


E006 / Err006 E0006 Start time error, please configure device again Reconfigure the logger


E009 / Err009   Start failure due to low battery Replace battery (multi-use logger) and reconfigure the logger


E101 / Err101  

Configuration file checksum error, please configure device again

Reconfigure the logger


E102 / Err102  

Configuration file error, incorrect device model

  • Please select configuration profile for target device, i.e., if you are going to program a Tempod logger, please select the configuration profile created for Tempod 30,  e.g. this error will occur if you applied configuration profile of Tempod 50x to Tempod 30 logger.
Reconfigure the logger with correct configuration profile


E104 / Err104  

Configuration file error, incompatible device version



E105 / Err105  

Target device is locked with AccessKey (password), so you need to provide correct AccessKey when programming the target device, this error will occur when you did not provide correct AccessKey when program locked device.

Reconfigure the logger with correct AccessKey


E106 / Err106  

Configuration file, incorrect auto start time

Reconfigure the logger with correct start time, which must be later than current time



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