You could connect, program and download TempSen data loggers through buttons on Action Bar in Devices page



Connect to Devices

Connect to USB Devices

  1. Connect TempSen data loggers to USB ports of computer
  2. Open TempSen Express
  3. The "Devices" page will be opened by default
  4. All the connected loggers will show in "Devices" page as device cards after successful connections


  • You could connect up to 10 TempSen USB data loggers to TempSen Express using powered USB hub
  • Data logger needs time to generate PDF report before showing up in Devices page

Connect to Bluetooth Devices

  • Toggle the communication type switch on toolbar from USB icon to Bluetooh icon


  • TempSen Express will start searching nearby TempSen Bluetooth loggers
  • The discovered devices will show in devices page as device cards

Devices Connected

Each device connected to TempSen Express will show as a device card as below in Devices page


# Description

Device model

Blue background means this device has been currently selected

2 Firmware version
3 Serial number

Device status

See Device Info


Operating result bar


AccessKey (device password)

  • Appears when connected device was locked by AccessKey
7 Alarm status


Select Devices

  • Select multiple devices
    • You could select multiple devices by pressing Shift key + single click on each device card
    • You could select all connected devices by clicking on  (Select all) button on action bar
    • You could select the devices by left clicking the mouse and dragging an area which could cover the device cards you need
  • Selected devices will display device model label in blue on device card
  • The first connected device is automatically selected in device card view by default
  • Devices must be selected before future operating
Selected devices

Download Data

  1. Select the target device in device card view
  2. Click  button in action bar of device page to download data from selected devices to TempSen Express data base
  3. Please check the download results in operating result area of the device card


  • If download result show "Same data file already exists", which means the data file from logger has already been downloaded and saved in TempSen Express, so it will not be downloaded again, you could double click the device card to view the data file already downloaded
  • See Troubleshooting#Download_Data for errors occured during downloading


TempSen Express supports downloading data from loggers automatically, see Auto download

Configure Device

  1. Select target devices
  2. Select a configuration profile that you need to configure the target devices in "Configuration Profile" drop-down
    • Please create a new configuration profile by clicking
    • Please edit the selected configuration profile by clicking
  3. Click   button to configure the selected devices
  4. Please check the configuration results in operating result bar of the device card


See Troubleshooting#Configure_Device  for configuration errors


See Configuration Profiles for more information about configuration profile

Configuration Options

Item Description
Report title

Edit report title based on default value from selected configuration profile

Trip note

Edit trip note based on default value from selected configuration profile

AccessKey Available when selected device is locked by AccessKey (device password)
Auto start time Available when start mode in selected configuration profile is "Auto Start" 

Shipment Info

  • Shipment info are key-value pairs for user to enter custom shipment related information, e.g. PO number, item number, DO number, tracking number etc
  • Each shipment info item contains a title and content fields
  • You could add up to 6 shipment info item, shipment info items added will be wrote into device during configuration
  • Shipment info wrote into device will be presented in PDF files (and raw data) created by devices
  • You could save the shipment info as template for future use by clicking on "Update shipment info template" button , please note only the title field of a shipment info item could be save in template


Shipment info grid is only available for supported devices

Supported devices:

  • ITAG4 series (version 4.0 and above)

Operating History

See Operating History about TempSen Express will record programming, downloading device actions you performed when using TempSen Express.







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