Tempod 100XB



  • You need to configure Tempod series data loggers before starting a new recording
  • Repeat Start
    • You could choose to enable "Repeat Start" during configuration, then you could start a new recording without reconfiguration, please note configuring device will also calibrate the clock inside logger to ensure the time accuracy, so you are recommended to configure device periodically
    • Repeat start is only applicable to multi-use device




  • 连接记录仪至计算机USB口,连接成功后LCD显示“USb”(USB)
  • 您可以从如下所示在线工具下载配置文件(.cfg格式)
  • 将配置文件保存至记录仪生成的可移动磁盘"TempSenDisk", 请不要打开或者尝试运行配置文件
  1. 使用TempSen Express软件设置设备

  • 打开TempSen Express
  • 进入“设备”页面
  • 将USB记录仪连接至计算机USB口,稍等片刻,已成功连接的设备将会显示在当前页面
  • 选择你需要进行设置的设备
  • 选择你所创建的配置文件
  • 点击“设置设备”按钮将所选的配置应用至选择的设备
  • 设置完成



LCD Logger status

Logger still connecting to USB port

Logger removed from USB port

Manual start (with start delay)

Ready for start recording by pressing Start button

Manual start (with temperature condition)

Ready for start recording by pressing Start button

Auto start

Logger will start recording at preset time automatically, no need to press any buttons


  • 按住Start按键3秒
  • 开始记录后,LCD显示“REC”


启动 启动模式 记录开始


If logger was programmed with start delay, LCD shows start delay time after starting logger, recording begins after start delay time elapsed.



If logger was programmed with tempreature conditions, LCD shows ambient temperature after starting logger, recording begins after ambient temperature reaches the preset temperature conditions.


  • 除了Tempod 90S以外,请不要将Tempod记录仪本体放置在温度低于-30°C的环境中,以免对设备造成不可修复的损坏
  • 对于有外置探头的记录仪设备,请将外置探头放置在 -30°C以下的环境中
  • 请注意: 低温控制包装箱/容器的表面温度可能低于 -30°C


  • 按住停止按键3秒钟
  • LCD显示"Stop" (Stop)表示记录已停止



  • 一次性记录仪在已启动后30分钟内不能手动停止,该设计适用于防止用户在启动时错误操作,导致设备在启动后被立马停止
  • 在存储记满之后,设备会自动停止记录



  • 连接记录仪至计算机USB端口,成功连接后,LCD显示 "USb" (USB) 或者USB图标
  • 在记录仪成功连接后, 记录仪会在数秒内开始自动生成PDF数据报告
    • 生成过程中,LCD会显示"PdF"
    • 生成过程中,LCD会显示"PdF"及生成进度 (ITAG4 series 4.0及以上版本)
    • 生成过程中,USB图标会闪烁 (ITAG4 SP)
  • PDF报告会生成在记录仪创建的可移动储存盘符(U盘)"'TempSenDisk"





使用TempSen Express下载数据

  • 打开TempSen Express
  • 在左侧导航菜单点击"设备"项目,进入设备页面
  • 连接数据记录仪至计算机USB端口,连接成功后, 设备LCD显示 "USb" (USB)或者USB图标
  • 选择您需要进行数据下载的设备
  • 在底部动作栏点击按钮开始将数据下载至TempSen Express


  • 已存储在TempSen Exapress中的数据文件将不会被再次下载


Instructions for using Tempod as bluetooth loggers

TempSen Go App

At first, You need to search, download TempSen Go App from following App stores, and then install the App on your smart device


Download TempSen Go App
App Store
Google Play

Connect Device

  • In Devices page, TempSen Go will scan and search all nearby TempSen Bluetooth data loggers, tab the logger to connect to the target device
  • You could download, configure target device after successful connection


Download Data

  • In connected device page, tap download button at bottom action bar to download data from currently connected bluetooth data logger

  • Downloaded data will be saved in "Data Files" section of TempSen Go

Configure Device

In connected device page, tap configure icon button at bottom action bar to enter into "Configure Device“ page, select and enter configurations you need, and then tap Configure Device button on bottom bar to apply current configurations to data logger

Start Recording

In connected device page, tap start button at bottom action bar to start recording on connected device

Stop Recording

In connected device page, tap stop button at bottom action bar to stop recording on connected device

Error Codes

Please go to Error Codes for more information about error codes you may find on device LCD or PDF report created by loggers



Can I download data from logger after battery died?

Data in USB data loggers is always retrievable by connecting logger to USB port of computer to download data, even after battery was dead.


Do I need to re-program data logger to start new recording after last recording stops?

Multi-use data loggers like Tempod series should be re-configured for new recording after previous recording was stopped, but you could enable Repeat Start during configuration then after current recording stopped, you could start recording immediately by pressing Start button. Please note every time starting a new recording will erase existing data in logger, so always remember to download and save data in advance.


What does the lightening icon on LCD mean?

Some  loggers are shipped to customer with power system off status for power saving purpose, once user connects the logger to USB port, the power system will be activated and lightening icon appears on LCD which means logger starts consuming power, it is a remider for to use the logger ASAP.


How to correctly replace (install) battery on Tempod loggers?
Why does remaining battery drop to low level or empty, or LCD display abnormally after changing battery?

Sometimes after changing or installing new battery, Tempod may not correctly recognize battery capacity, possible errors including battery indicator on LCD shows only 1 bar or even empty, or LCD displays abnormally or blank, this problem results from the power buffer system in data logger, so when it happens, please try to follow steps below to correctly install or replaceable battery and make sure logger could correctly measure battery capacity again.


  • Remove battery from logger

  • Press the View/Mark button for several times until LCD changes to BLANK (to exhaust power buffer)

  • Install battery back to the logger

  • Please re-program data logger if Error codes like E009 appears on LCD


Please note questions in this section are only applicable to Tempod Bluetooth loggers


What is the range of Bluetooth Low Energy?

Low Energy Bluetooth communication range is 30 meters (sight range).


What is Flight Mode, and how does it work?

When Bluetooth logger enters Flight Mode, logger will turn off Bluetooth service and stops radio transmission, and meanwhile recording will not be affected. So Flight Mode is useful when using logger in environment sensitive to radio emission, like flights, and when air plane touchs down, user could turn on Bluetooth service on nearby loggers in flight mode by waking them up using TempSen Go App, then we could access loggers through Bluetooth communication again.

  • Not all smart phones supports Wake Up function to wake up nearby loggers in flight mode
  • Flight mode consumes more power than normal mode, so please DO NOT use it when not necessary


What is AccessKey and what does it protect?

AccessKey is a device password designed to protect data logger from unauthorized programming to data logger, so once a data loger is protected with an AccessKey, user needs to provide correct AccessKey when programming this logger.


How can I do if I forgot AccessKey?

When you forgot AccessKey of a data logger, please send PDF report downloaded from device and other information we need to verify your information to support@tempsen.com, we will send you the AccessKey of this device by mail after we verified all information we need.



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